07 PERFORMANCE MEASURE The degree to which MCHB-funded programs ensure family, youth, and consumer participation in program and policy activities.
Goal 1: Provide National Leadership for MCHB
(Promote family participation in care)
Level: Grantee
Category: Family/Youth/Consumer Participation

GOAL To increase family/youth/consumer participation in MCHB programs.
MEASURE The degree to which MCHB-funded programs ensure family/youth/consumer participation in program and policy activities.
DEFINITION Attached is a checklist of eight elements that demonstrate family participation, including an emphasis on family-professional partnerships and building leadership opportunities for families and consumers in MCHB programs. Please check the degree to which the elements have been implemented.
HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 OBJECTIVE Related to Healthy People 2020 Objectives:

MICH-30: Increase the proportion of children, including those with special health care needs who have access to a medical home.

MICH-31: Increase the proportion of children with special health care needs who receive their care in family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated systems.

DATA SOURCE(S) AND ISSUES Attached data collection form is to be completed by grantees.
SIGNIFICANCE Over the last decade, policy makers and program administrators have emphasized the central role of families and other consumers as advisors and participants in policy-making activities. In accordance with this philosophy, MCHB is facilitating such partnerships at the local, State and national levels.

Family/professional partnerships have been: incorporated into the MCHB Block Grant Application, the MCHB strategic plan. Family/professional partnerships are a requirement in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 (OBRA 89) and part of the legislative mandate that health programs supported by Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) provide and promote family centered, community based, coordinated care.