33 PERFORMANCE MEASURE The degree to which MCHB-funded initiatives work to promote sustainability of their programs or initiatives beyond the life of MCHB funding.
Goal 4: Improve the Health Infrastructure and Systems of Care
(Assist States and communities to plan and develop comprehensive, integrated health service systems)
Level: Grantee
Category: Infrastructure

GOAL To develop infrastructure that supports comprehensive and integrated systems of care for maternal and child health at the local and/or state level.
MEASURE The degree to which MCHB grantees are planning and implementing strategies to sustain their programs once initial MCHB funding ends.
DEFINITION Attached is a checklist of nine actions or strategies that build toward program sustainability. Please check the degree to which each of the elements is being planned or carried out by your program, using the three-point scale. The maximum total score for this measure would be 27 across all elements.
HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 OBJECTIVE Related to Healthy People 202 Objective PHI-15: Increase the proportion of Tribal, State, and local public health agencies that have implemented a health improvement plan and increase the proportion of local health jurisdictions that have implemented a health improvement plan linked with their State plan.
DATA SOURCE(S) AND ISSUES Attached is a data collection form to be completed by grantees. Since these actions and their outcomes are necessarily progressive over time from the beginning to the end of a program funding period, grantees’ ratings on each element are expected to begin lower in the first year of grant award and increase over time.
SIGNIFICANCE In recognition of the increasing call for recipients of public funds to sustain their programs after initial funding ends, MCHB encourages grantees to work toward sustainability throughout their grant periods. A number of different terms and explanations have been used as operational components of sustainability. These components fall into four major categories, each emphasizing a distinct focal point as being at the heart of the sustainability process: (1) adherence to program principles and objectives, (2) organizational integration, (3) maintenance of health benefits, and (4) State or community capacity building. Specific recommended actions that can help grantees build toward each of these four sustainability components are included as the data elements for this PM.